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April 29, 2021

An excellent informative and reassuring consultation with Dr Zoe. I feel full of hope now where as I was lost. Dr Zoe is extremely empathetic and professional.
Thank you DM

Rated 5 out of 5
April 26, 2021

I have spoken to Dr Naomi Potter twice now & the professional advice & support she is giving me is outstanding. Not only is she highly knowledgeable, she is friendly & approachable & lovely to talk to.
I have been so unwell for several years, due to a significant lack of oestrogen. Working with Naomi is changing my life in the most positive ways & I know with her continued help I’m going to improve further.
I wouldn’t hesitate about recommending her. It’s the best money I’ve spent in a long time & I wish I’d found her sooner. Thank you Naomi.

Rated 5 out of 5
April 11, 2021

Dr Potter is amazing! I cannot thank her enough for her support throughout my treatment. Naomi is really supportive and listens to everything I have to say. She always has a solution and is always willing to help. I feel privileged to be able to have appointments with her. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Thank you

Rated 5 out of 5
March 20, 2021

My video consultation with Zoe was so easy . She understood everything I was describing. Whilst my gp has been very good – I have had to do the research and persuade her to prescribe HRT . Dr Zoe understood how I am feeling and what is still lacking . It just felt good not to feel defensive or to have to persuade a Dr to give me the right treatment .
😊 Thank you Dr Zoe .

Rated 5 out of 5
March 16, 2021

I cannot recommend Dr Potter highly enough. I have been to see my local GP twice in the past few years to discuss my menopausal symptoms and felt fobbed off with the offer of antidepressant/beta blockers – and could I google what HRT I wanted! Dr Naomi listened and for the first time in years, I felt that I was not alone in dealing with the brain fog, anxiety and crushing loss of confidence. Dr Potter is excellent at putting you at ease, listening and explaining the symptoms you are experiencing as well as providing you with solutions to help you feel better. Dr Potter was excellent at taking time to ensure that I understood and fully explained the options and advantages/risks of treatment available to me. I was able to ask questions and felt included in the decision making process around what would be best for me going forward. I originally saw Dr Potter in Sept 2020 and had a follow up appointment in Jan 21. I feel a thousand times better, the middle age spread is slowly going and my energy levels are hugely increased. Dr Potter is empathetic, highly skilled and knowledgeable on all thing menopausal and an absolute delight to deal with. What a star!

Ann-Marie Campbell

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