Are they telephone/video?

Currently, consultations are all running via video link.

Dr Potter will return to face-to-face consultations as well as continuing with video consultations indefinitely when the Covid situation is controlled.

How long are consultations?

Please allow roughly 45 minutes for a new patient consultation and 30 minutes for a follow up.

How many consultations will I need?

Some women only need one plus or minus a follow up. They are then happy for their GP to provide continuing care.

Those with more complex needs may need more appointments.

Women on HRT should have an annual review with their medication prescriber.

Will I need bloods?

This depends. In younger women we use bloods to help with diagnosis. In older women we use bloods to monitor absorption and for screening purposes if the woman chooses to.

Associate Dr Zoe Schaedel

Dr Zoe joined the team in November 2020. She and Dr Potter worked together as junior doctors and have known each other for 16 years.

Dr Zoe is an excellent, caring doctor and hold the Advanced Certificate in Menopause care – the highest Subspecialty award for Menopause care, awarded by the British Menopause society.

She has a wealth of experience in Menopause care. She is also a GP and a Sleep expert.

Her fees are the same as Dr Potter’s as her skill set is equivalent.

HRT Prescribing

Can I expect a prescription after the first consultation?

The short answer is, it depends.
Straightforward consultations can often lead to prescriptions being recommended.

In more complex cases, younger women or where other diagnoses may be queried, it may be suggested you have some investigations and or bloods done first and then a follow up consultation. These can be done by your GP or privately.

How will I get my medicine?

It is up to you.

You can chose to obtain your prescription from your GP (with the exception of Androfeme and a few other less commonly prescribed items).
This tends to be slightly cheaper but logistically more tricky as you may require a GP consultation and this may take time.

Alternatively we can generate private prescriptions. This is faster, more convenient, is delivered to you at home but costs a little more.

Private Prescriptions

Private prescriptions are sent to our pharmacy providers after your consultation.
Pharmacy contact you to take payment and obtain delivery details.
They are then delivered to you at your home or place of choice.
IF the doctor advises medication and you wish to use this service, your doctor will generate the private prescription on same day and delivery is very quick, usually a couple of business days.

How long would the prescription be done for?

Prescriptions are usually for 3 months.

Unlike with other specialists, we do not charge an admin fee for a prescription generated within a consultation.
A £35 admin fee is charged for prescriptions generated outside consultations to cover our costs.

Fees/ Conditions of booking

What are the consultation fees for each of them?

A new consultation costs £250
A follow up costs £195

Do we offer a discounts/ concessions on the consultation fees?

We do not offer discounts. We believe our prices to be fair and competitive and by offering some patients discounts and not others, it introduces confusion and unfairness. It would also be difficult to know where to draw the line.

We always take payment at point of booking to secure the booking.

We offer full refunds if there is a change or cancellation prior to 48 business hours in advance of the appointment.

Should you wish to reschedule an appointment within this 48 hour window there is a £100 admin charge to cover the costs of a missed appointment.

Should you cancel an appointment with less than 48 business hours of an appointment, no refund will be offered. This is because it is unlikely we will be able to rebook the missed slot.

Additional fees

Occasionally we are asked for extra letters/ admin. Extra letters are charged at £50. This is to cover our time and typing costs.

On-going Care

You can be confident we provide ongoing support and care.

You should book a follow up consultation for approximately 3 months after you start treatment.
Should you have a simple query between appointments then please submit your query via email.

If it is straightforward, the doctors will answer and there is no charge.

More complex or ongoing queries may require a consultation and this will be at the doctor’s discretion.

Repeated email queries will incur a charge or require a consultation.

A shorter telephone consultation is chargeable at £100.

Can I have my bloods done at my GP?

Yes, but this is your GP providing the service as a favour rather than obligation.
Many women successfully have their bloods done by their GP.
It will be your responsibility to liaise with them and arrange for the results to be sent to us well in advance of your follow up appointment.
Alternatively we can arrange private bloods, either via a partner provider or at Dr Potter’s clinic.

Any change in treatment plan MUST be made within a consultation and not over email. This is because of the medico-legal implications.


Are you covered by private insurance?

Sometimes. If you policy covers wellness or general practice then often yes. Otherwise not.
Please check with your provider.

Overseas Patients

Unfortunately, at this time due to medical indemnity, we can only accept UK patients living in the UK.